ICA-Masjid Hidayath

Sunday School

ICA Sunday Summer School 2024

START DATE: JUNE 23rd - AUGUST 11th (Every Sunday 10am-1:30pm)

OPEN HOUSE: JUNE 2nd / 1-6pm

Click the below button to download a form. Please turn in the completed form to the school admin.

Contact: ABDUL KARIM (630) 864-1437

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Masjid Hidayath ICA Sunday school is to cultivate an Islamic learning environment where the youth can comprehensively learn about the deen and grow to become confident and knowledgeable Muslim leaders InshaAllah.


● Learn to read and recite The Holy Quran with proper pronunciation (Tajweed & Qiraat)

● Islamic Studies

● To teach the correct forms of Ibaadah and Salah.

● Learn duas to recite daily


The values of the Masjid Hidayath ICA Sunday School are established using a hands-on, visual, and auditory approach to learning. Students will not only memorize but do classroom activities, exercises, and home projects to instill Islamic knowledge and values.

We will be using the ABC-KEYS’ TO STUDENT’S SUCCESS model to achieve this.

The ABC model is as follows:

We aim to have high expectations from all students to help them achieve their full potential. This does not mean perfection. This means we expect students to attempt all tasks with 100% mental and physical focus. This can be achieved by actively participating in class as well as parental involvement.

A good positive attitude and respectful behavior are essential to achieve success. We expect courteous, kind, and respectful behavior from all students.

By recognizing students for their participation, hard work, and achievement of goals, students will be instilled with an inner drive and motivation to learn and attain more knowledge.