Principal's Letter

Letter from the Principal

Asalaamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

We are very excited to begin the Masjid Hidayath ICA’s very first year long Sunday School. During these tumultuous times, it is imperative that our youth have the most comprehensive and firm understanding of our deen. Today’s generation experiences many challenges: bullying, social media, divisive political landscape, Islamophobia, and self-esteem issues. Our goal for the Sunday School is to create and cultivate strong and confident youth that are knowledgeable of their religion and are able to be future leaders themselves.

Our goals this year include:

● Learning to recite The Holy Quran with proper pronunciation

● Studying the seerah and applying the beautiful examples of our Rasul (s) to our daily lives

● Properly learning the steps of Salah and to experience peace during the prayer

We are blessed to have a dedicated team of board members, teachers, teacher’s assistants, staff members, and volunteers that will work tirelessly throughout the year to provide our students with the best Islamic experiences insha’Allah.

However, the most important part of our team is YOU. The respected parents and guardians. In order to provide the best knowledge and growth for our youth, we highly recommend for you to review each week's activities and lessons with your child to solidify their understanding.

We also welcome feedback, questions, and recommendations. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 630-864-1437 with any concerns.

Insha’Allah we are looking forward to having a fun, exciting, and memorable Islamic school year. May Allah swt accept all of our efforts in providing a strong Islamic foundation for youth. May He bless our students and make them excellent leaders for our ummah. May Allah (swt) continue to guide us in this endeavor.


With kindest regards,

Abdul Fazal Karim

Principal of the Masjid-Hidayath-ICA Sunday School